a sad show

I am ashamed and infuriated because the political class demonstration around the wiretapping issue is anything but educational. Unsubstantiated accusations were launched, which echoed in a weak and divided government, where some ministers demanded the resignation of other ministers, other ministers fought among themselves to get rid of their responsibilities, and a president suddenly remembered that he also had a cell phone. A year ago he was hacked and offered to declassify classified documents to try to salvage what was left of his battered image, not caring about the damage it could do to the National Intelligence Center (CNI), once again a convenient scapegoat for the man of the government. Pedro Sánchez now acts as José María Aznar when he declassified classified information from the CNI in 2004 to successfully cover up his unfortunate administration of the 11-M terrorist attack. Embarrassingly, history repeats itself with other heroes and the CNI at their feet.

I am not surprised by the attitude of the independence parties, because they are at the top of their duties and nothing else can be expected from them. They do their dirty work with pleasure, because in the case of the Catalans, they ran out of gas, and this scandal refueled for a season… until it went out again. Its aim is to break up Spain and for that nothing better than to end the Constitution and monarchy and weaken the main institutions of the State like the CNI. They couldn’t expect anything better and so they really don’t care what happens. They want resignation, they want blood, and the more the better. For Aznar, ETA would be blamed for 11-M, and for independents, the CNI was responsible for the wiretaps they deemed illegal, even though the center’s director explained what had happened in Congress, apparently with the backing of irrefutable documents. Is the CNI authorized by a judge under the 2002 regulatory act and that intelligence goes to the government. It seems that even in government, since defending our territorial integrity and sovereignty are goals that must be protected in article 1 of the same law, no one would pause to think if the CNI did not pursue them (with judicial review). those who were condemned for trying to break them and who said they would do it again, apparently seeking unadvised support in distant geographies, would then have to be suppressed to no avail.

And without taking into account that things can be much more complicated, because the source of much of what happens may be outside our borders. I’m not saying it is, I’m just pointing out that it could be because there are countries that are interested in knowing what our rulers think, and there are other countries that want to weaken us and create all possible problems for us, and so it seems. A reasonable hypothesis in my opinion. But instead of seriously investigating here, there is little short-term partisan political gain, and if that involves damaging the reputation of the State and its intelligence services, all the better. And I, who have the honor of leading them, am indignant at the few thousand highly competent and patriotic professionals working in a difficult, lonely job that deserves respect, not recognized by the public. Much respect. Therefore, I believe that the CNI did something that I did not know, in line with the instructions given by the government in the National Intelligence Directive and with scrupulously respecting the law. It is subject to strict political, judicial, legal and administrative controls over the use of its reserved funds. The government’s senseless permissive suspicions about its actions tarnish its reputation, complicate its work to defend our security, and hamper its relations with other services of friendly countries. I understand that the independents applauded this unfortunate spectacle and were encouraged to ask for more.

Admittedly, I am very naive, but I wish the government would smash the charges in the bud by announcing an investigation and at the same time making a covert defense of the Centre. Only the Secretary of Defense has dared to do so, he has attacked unjustly, and I humbly applaud him.

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