Kursk governor urges rules to issue weapons to people’s troops 08:20

The regional governor Roman Starovoit said that in the Kursk region, members of the regional defense units will be able to give the right to use weapons, the weapons will be placed in the manner prescribed by law. It has been reported red blood cell.

According to the politician, people’s fighters may need weapons in some cases.

“The weapon allocated to the battle should only be there and given only for maintenance, shooting training, and also, if necessary, use during the anti-terrorist operation …” emphasized the governor of Kursk.

According to Starovoit, martial law may also be a reason for providing guns to volunteers.

It is also revealed that all members of the squad are equipped and have completed tactical and automatic weapons use courses.

formerly Starovoit arguedIt was reported that the electricity of 3 villages in the region was cut off with explosives.

It was learned that there were also police and Russian Guards in Kursk. there is anti-drone weapons

Source: Gazeta


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