That’s what Soraya was at Eurovision 2009 and that’s her view now

Soraya Arnelas He spoke very clearly about his involvement. Eurovision Song Contest which left it at number 23 in 2009Andorra drew with Lithuanian Sasha Son, who scored only 23 points from Portugal, Switzerland and Greece. Days after becoming a guest on ‘Deluxe’, the singer spoke on the networks and made a very direct and candid confession about her performance with the song ‘The Night is for me’ on her official Twitter account.

“This was… Worst choreography ever made in Eurovision history… and come to spin! And more tours! still I’m still dizzy“, The singer said in her profile on this social network, while talking about the video of her performance, which was uploaded by a user.

As we mentioned, this viral tweet comes after Soraya sat on the set of ‘Deluxe’ and talked about her time at Eurovision 2009, among many other topics. For example, the artist from Extremadura made sure that her dress was not paid for. TVE, but the record label at the time: “They don’t pay you absolutely nothing for going to Eurovision. I have not been paid“.

Contestant in the first edition of ‘Celebrity Bake Off Spain’ very strong with political class Recalling his views on some of the nominees for Benidorm Fest, he said, “I am surprised that the turmoil at Eurovision has reached the political parties. Focus on yourself, there is a lot of fabric to cut and leave the festival to the music”.

Soraya Arnelas continued her words of support for Chanel Terrero, Spain’s Eurovision 2022 representative, as well as understanding that there are artists who are afraid or do not want to go to the festival because they “get fat every year”: “I love how he defended ‘slo mo’. I think it will be very good. This year will surprise us.”

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