A fire in containers in Alicante affected two cars and a building.

cumbersome fire in three pots announced this morning Novelda street in Alicante influence is over two vehicles to the facade of a building and a shop According to sources, it is located on the ground floor of the building. Security Department.

The fire looks intentional and local police Fortunately, it will strengthen nighttime surveillance in the area to prevent further acts of vandalism that do not cause personal injury.

Firefighters came to the scene of the fire in Alicante. INFORMATION

The incident occurred on Novelda Avenue at around five in the morning, and two crews Firefighters from the Fire Prevention, Extinguishing and Rescue Service (SPEIS). The fire, which engulfed some large flames, was quickly extinguished by firefighters, but affected a ground-floor video shop, two parked cars and the facade of the four-story building.

Patrols as well as firefighters local police Coordinating the emergency and directing traffic.

Source: Informacion


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