Summer and high temperatures come and with them hateful mosquitoes. In addition, heavy rains in the last weeks will support the reproduction of this species. vermin. So the supermarket lidl it started on its own fight against mosquitoes.


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What products has the German supermarket dedicated an entire section to in its new catalogue? get rid of mosquitoes in your home and those that go on sale from May 9: Swatter Lidl for doors and windows, for anti-mosquito lamps and products bites. we tell you what The best Lidl products against mosquitoesfeatures and price.

Lidl mosquito net

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes in our house is to prevent them from entering. Swatter. But adapting them can be difficult. obstacles for mosquitoes on our doors and windows. Therefore, it is best to consider their size or opt for adaptive mosquito nets.

Mosquito Nets | Image of mosquito nets for doors from Lidl.

This Lidl mosquito net for doors It is a natural protection against insects even if the balcony or terrace door is open. It attaches easily to the frame and we can leave it permanently using extra strong adhesive tape or temporarily place it with a removable fixation using adhesive tape.

This is a curtain mosquito net It is made of 4 polyester sheets and its edges are reinforced. It also has interlocking weights to stretch the fabric, and its material is UV and light resistant. It is sold in two colors (white or dark gray) and is suitable for doors up to 100×220 cm. Its price is 4.99 Euros.

Mosquito net for doors with magnetic closure from Lidl.

This Lidl mosquito net Even if you have an open balcony or terrace for doors, it will act as a barrier against mosquitoes and insects. It has the feature of easy attachment thanks to the self-adhesive tape and the self-adhesive pads it contains. In addition, this mosquito net for doors from Lidl has a magnetic closure that allows easy opening and closes by itself when released.

This product includes, in addition to the fastening straps, 2 nets of 50 x 220 cm each, so the total size of the mosquito net will be 100 x 220 cm. It is available in two colors (black and white) and costs 6.99 euros.

Aluminum mosquito net for windows from Lidl.

This Lidl aluminum mosquito net for windows It is 100x120cm in size and will act as a barrier against insects. In addition, its material is highly resistant to UV rays and allows air and light to pass through. Aluminum mosquito net for windows is very easy to assemble, has adjustable profiles and made-to-measure fabric, and includes all the necessary materials for its assembly.

In addition, the mosquito net seal has an all-round brush for a perfect seal and a practical flexible template for squares. It is available in white and dark gray colors and costs 19.99 euros.

There is another model that measures 130x150cm and costs 21.99 Euros.

Adaptable mosquito net for windows from Lidl.

There is another one in the catalog of the German supermarket. Lidl mosquito net for adaptive windows (maximum size 120x140cm) thanks to its telescopic frame, its assembly is simple and does not require drilling. This mosquito net is ideal for mounting between window and blinds and the PET insect protection fabric is UV and weather resistant.

The window screen has a telescopic aluminum frame and brush attachments and includes an angle and bending tool. It is sold in black and white and costs 25.99 euros.

Lidl folding screen door.

If what you are looking for is a Lidl mosquito net For folding doors you can also find it in this supermarket. It is a 100 x 210 cm telescopic screen door that is resistant to UV and weather conditions, making it ideal for balconies, terraces and terraces.

This aluminum screen door includes an accessory bag with a set of hinges, two magnetic latches and two counter plates, and has handles on the front and back. Its price is 49.99 Euros.

Lidl mosquito net for bed.

German supermarket also has options Lidl mosquito net for bedroom. It is a mosquito net for single and double beds, perfect for home, travel or camping.

It has a self-opening metal ring where the fabric spreads evenly and allows air to circulate. It can be easily fixed to the ceiling with screws or glue and its dimensions are 250×1250 cm. Its price is 11.99 Euros.

Lidl insecticidal lamp.

Lidl UV mosquito plug

If that’s what you’re looking for fight mosquitoes indoors, Lidl gives you the option to do this with the anti-mosquito UV plug. It is an indoor insecticide lamp with a sensor that attracts mosquitoes, works connected to the electricity grid and turns on automatically when it gets dark.

In addition, thanks to the insulated plastic case with a protective grille, it can be used without posing a risk to children or pets. Its price is 4.99 Euros.

Chemical-free Lidl insect bite healer.

Lidl bug bite healer

If you couldn’t avoid them and the mosquitoes eventually bit you, Lidl has the solution too, thanks to an insect bite healer that acts on the bite with concentrated heat without the use of chemicals. It is a pen-shaped device that is battery operated and used for the rapid treatment of insect bites.

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This product has two programs: 3 seconds for sensitive skin and 6 seconds for normal skin. Its price is 14.99 Euros.