Tensions between Israel and Hamas on the first anniversary of the war in Gaza

As the restructuring continues, Loop It could not survive the eleven-day escalation of fierce war that began on May 10, 2021As it celebrates in full-blown tension between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas, threats are mounting with warmongering rhetoric from sectors on both sides.

No attack has been launched with the enclave so far, but The possibility of another open conflict between the Israeli Army and armed groups Loop It has been on the table since a new surge in violence started in the region more than a month ago.typical of the ups and downs that have characterized the long Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Six attacks by Arab-Israelis and Palestinians in the past month and a half resulted in 18 deaths in Israel. Although the authors mostly acted individually and only one of the attacks was claimed by the Hamas militia, the group According to the media, legitimating rhetoric leading Israel to consider the option of retaliatory military action.

In order, after the end Attack in the city of Elad that killed three Israeli civilians on ThursdayThe right and some of the Israeli public demanded that the Naftali Benet government resume selective assassinations of Hamas leaders, demanding Yahya Sinwar, its supreme leader in Gaza.

The al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, responded by threatening a potentially “unprecedented response” to such attacks, even suggesting a return to the suicide bombings of the Second Intifada the group had long left behind.

From March H.He also praised the recent attacks on IsraelisA series of rocket launches were also added in April from the enclave controlled by the Islamist group, but this did not directly attribute the shots.

in Hamas After several days of clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians on the Esplanade of the Jerusalem Mosques, Israel threatened to wage a “major war”.Home to the Masjid al-Aqsa and representing the third holy place in Islam and the first for Judaism.

escalation of war

Last year, riots on the campus were a breeding ground for Palestinians, alongside protests on the streets of Jerusalem and the risk of Palestinians being evicted in favor of Jewish settlers in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Strongest war escalation since 2014Continuous rocket fire by Palestinian militias at Israel and Israel’s heavy bombardment of Gaza.

The current storyline is relatively similar to last year, when the gradual increase in tension culminated in eleven days of continuous exchange of fire, resulting in 260 deaths in the Strip and 13 in Israel.

One year later, The situation in Gaza has not changed much. The enclave of 2.3 million people has been under Israeli blockade since Hamas took control of the area in 2007, after breaking away from the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).

This year the Israeli government has increased the work permits for Gazans in Israel to 12,000 and has promised to increase them to 20,000, but the impact is relative: life in Gaza is still unstable and its poor economic health brings with it both outcomes of 2021. Conflict, as before.

Unemployment in Gaza exceeds 50 percent and poverty exceeds 55 percent. 70 percent of the population is in need of humanitarian aidDetails to Efe Maher al Tabaa, director of the Strip Chamber of Commerce.

In contrast, around 50,000 homes were damaged in the 2021 Israeli bombings, and 2,000 homes were completely destroyed or rendered uninhabitable. The sewage system or already dangerous electricity and water infrastructures were also affected.

Efe Naji Sarhan, Deputy Undersecretary of the Gaza Ministry of Housing and Works, hopes to complete the rehabilitation of 500 houses by mid-2022 with international financial assistance.

Egypt and Qatar have pledged $500 million each for rebuilding. The UN Palestinian refugees agency (UNRWA) also received $60 million from the US for this.

Still, according to Al Tabaa, the “reconstruction and development” of Gaza may depend not only on Israel’s loosening of restrictions or financial aid, but also on a “political” settlement for the enclave.

However, hostility between Israel and Hamas does not seem to have subsided, and the shadow of another conflict that may have similar implications to the one in 2021 remains in the air.

“There is a new fear of war in Gaza,” 25-year-old Gaza engineer Balsam Ayyad tells Efe, assuring that a large part of the residential area’s civilian population lives in fear of war every day.

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