Live | Russia attacks Ukraine’s second largest refinery

Russian forces attacked Odessa with cruise missiles fired from the Crimea

The Ukrainian city of Odessa was attacked by several cruise missiles fired from the Crimean peninsula, which has been controlled by Russia since 2014, according to local authorities, who did not provide details of possible damage.

Odessa City Council reported on its Telegram account the impact of at least four Onix missiles in the region, one of the most modern high-precision projectiles available to the Russian Armed Forces.

Later, Sergei Bratchuk, Spokesman of the Operations Headquarters of the Odessa Regional Military Administration, reported that Russian troops again attacked the area “already at night”.

Bratchuk said on his Telegram channel, “The enemy continues to launch missile attacks on the city and the region, trying to destroy the infrastructure. We thank the air defense forces for their combat work.”

Source: Informacion


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