Investigation of attack on ‘The Washington Post’ Capital and Ukrainian journalists crowned at Pulitzer

in every edition ‘Washington Post’one sentence can be read by opening the newspaper, both on paper and in digital print: “Democracy dies in the dark.” This year, the Pulitzer Prizes affirmed the maxim. Capital newspaper’s Scope of the attack on the Capitol most public service award in 2022 edition one of the most prestigious awards in journalism. They also wanted to decorate. Special mention to “Ukrainian journalists”, its acceptancecourage, resistance and devotion” As part of the war that Russia started in February.

The Pulitzer for public service ‘The Washington Post’ recognized ‘The Attack’, a series presented in an interactive format. comprehensive and descriptive analysis The reporters of the Post’ newspaper explained the reasons, costs and consequences of the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. donald trumpAn uprising that overturned the foundations of American democracy.

New York Times‘ also reaffirmed the weight of his work in this edition, both in categories and with awards. national and international journalism. The work recognized in the first case was an investigation into the deaths of citizens at the hands of the US police at traffic stops. When it comes to international journalism, the award came for the discovery of international journalism. failures of warfare by combat air United States of America in the Middle East, including the number of Civilian casualties.

Also, during the study The fall of Kabul and the departure of US troops from Afghanistan, ‘Los Angeles Times’ columnist Marcus Yam photo pulitzer. And already in the summer the meeting that awarded the Pulitzers, Afghan journalists He took risks to continue producing stories and images about their country.

In the news category Last minute Pulitzer Prize-winning ‘Miami Messenger’ For coverage of the deadly building collapse on Surfside. She also got her investigative journalism stint in Florida, in which case she stayed for a job in the USA. ‘The Tampa Bay Times’ who disclosed dangers for workers and the local community lead smelting plant.

Salamishah Tillet, a contributor to ‘The New York Times’, won the critics’ award, and Andrea Elliot, another journalist from the paper, won an award. pulitzer for ‘The Invisible Child’, is a nonfiction book about children and poverty based on a series of reports he made for the newspaper.

In fiction the prize is gone Joshua Cohen for ‘Netenyahu’, recognized Diane Seuss’ poetryin drama pulitzer it was for work ‘Fat ham’ and music for Raven Chacon for ‘Silent Mass’.

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