Carlitos Alcaraz

Carlitos Alcaraz, which should be named after him, was the hero of the weekend. He gave a terrific cape to TVE, which held the broadcasting rights of the Mutua Madrid Tournament and was not earning enough revenue. Evidence of this was seen when the Alcaraz match hit 4.1% on Teledeporte on Thursday, May 5th, a disproportionate number for this channel, but insufficient for what it can deliver itself.

It was enough to move the Tennis Open to La 1 so he got 17% (Nadal-Alcaraz) on Friday. But the best was yet to come. The very long semi-final match of Carlos Alcaraz against Djokovic on Saturday was 26.3%; At one point, nearly six million people watched the game. Interestingly, the post, interview with the winner, and reactions still drove the audience. In a transmission exceeding four hours, this is a decisive victory.

The final against Zverev on Sunday was short-lived. The 12,500 spectators who filled the Caja Mágica, wanting more entertainment, complained about it. It achieved an audience share of 26.5%, making it the most watched Madrid Open in history.

Carlos Alcaraz represents a paradigm shift in watching tennis broadcasts in our country. His charisma is undeniable. His play was unpredictable and innovative, as commentators Nacho Calvo and Àlex Corretja noted throughout the tournament. And his humble and cheerful character is guaranteed to attract followers. His grandfather’s lifetime advice, based on the three C’s, that you should play with “heads, hearts and balls” on the track has already become very popular. Carlitos thinks of Alcaraz Paris. It applies to all.

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