Anna Bosch sought protection against the so-called threats received by the head of RTVE

TVE News Council responds to protection request made by TVE employee anna boschHe believed that his right to freedom of expression was violated after he was ordered by the head of RTVE Corporation after posting a tweet on his personal account on the social network.

As a first action, the Council denounced what happened to the journalist on 5 May in a statement: shortly after Bosch mentioned on Bluper’s twitter social networking account, “RTVE diverts budget to La Gran to promote RTVE Play” Consulta, a campaign with no effect”, worker call to office José Manuel Perez Turner blame him.

There, Pérez Tornero admitted the worker as a lawyer along with Alfonso Morales, general secretary of RTVE.

The TVE News Council considers this fact “unheard of” and believes that Anna Bosch was attacked without any assistance. “Fragility and compelling” situation.

This organization, whose mission is to “support knowledge professionals,” also confidently warns that RTVE “lacks the regulation of social networks,” just as some members of the Governing Body have used the networks to criticize some Professionals of the house. With regard to their right to freedom of expression, workers can also apply to the same right to publish as they see fit, especially if the bet made by Bosch in this case does not disqualify anyone.

At the same time, the News Council sees the fact that, according to Bosch, Pérez Tornero told him he had already received it. “reports” of him and journalist Xavier Fortesand wondering about the purpose and nature of the same, and likewise if there are other files on more journalists than TVE News.

For all these reasons, the TVE News Council requires “urgent explanations” To the Presidency of RTVE before the felt “allegedly undemocratic practices”.

Source: Informacion


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