Passenger Boeing who sent a distress signal landed in Yekaterinburg

Boeing flying from Moscow, which gave a distress signal over Yekaterinburg, landed

Passenger Boeing, which has issued a distress signal over Yekaterinburg, has landed successfully. The distress call was made over a report of the plane’s bombing, Interfax reports, citing an informed source.

The administration followed from Moscow to Yekaterinburg. “The passenger ship made a safe landing,” said an agency source.

On March 22, Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport received two reports of plane bombings in Belgrade and Bishkek, TASS writes. “Sheremetyevo airport received two anonymous reports about the threat of an explosion on flights Moscow-Belgrade and Moscow-Bishkek, which will arrive at their destination. This information is being verified,” the source said.

Previously, unknown people reported a threat of an explosion in the building of the Yaroslavl train station in Moscow. Police later denied the threat of mining. “No dangerous objects were found during the inspection. The station is operating as usual,” the source said.

Source: Lenta


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