TASS: Cruiser “Peter the Great” will give its name to submarine nuclear missile carrier 06:25

The Borey-A project 955A strategic nuclear submarine missile carrier will be renamed the Pyotr Veliky heavy nuclear missile cruiser after its withdrawal from the Russian Navy. It has been reported TASSreferring to a marine source.

“After the withdrawal of the cruiser Peter the Great from the battle fleet, this name will be given to the strategic nuclear submarine missile carrier of the Borey-A project,” the source said.

Earlier, citing a source, the agency said it could be the “Peter the Great” cruiser. retreat This issue is being worked on by the military personnel of the Navy.

Prior to that, the American edition of 19FortyFive WroteThe heavy nuclear missile cruisers Peter the Great and Admiral Nakhimov of the project 1144.2 Orlan, which are considered the most powerful in the Russian Navy, will become huge targets in case of war.

Peter the Great was released in 1989. It is the fourth consecutive ship of the project 1144.2 “Orlan” and the only ship in combat formation.

Source: Gazeta


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