Meco crime judge filed case after seeing no confirmed perpetrator

Judge investigates young woman’s death Miriam Vallejo in the town of Madrid giddy decided in 2019 case file because It has not been determined who the author might be, and removes the precautionary measures applied to the single person investigated.

According to the decision reached by Efe, the 5th President of the Investigation Court of Alcalá de Henares decides to drop the case temporarily, “even though the actions taken prove that we are facing a criminal presumption”. “there is not sufficient reason to attribute guilt to a particular person“.

Also no reasonthe charges against neither the investigated Sergio SM nor the suspect Alberto BL will be continued“, a man who, despite the reluctance of Civil Guard investigators, clashed with Sergio in prison and claimed to be the author of the crime.

The judge argues in the case that this man’s genetic profile “does not match any of the existing genetic profiles”.

Therefore, the case was temporarily dismissed and the precautionary measures taken against Sergio SM, who was arrested and imprisoned seven months after the crime, were revoked and he remained on probation four months later.

Miriam Vallejo was killed in a rural area of ​​Meco on January 16, 2019.about seven kilometers from Villanueva de la Torre (Guadalajara), where the deceased lived with Sergio SM and his girlfriend.

The 25-year-old young woman took her dog and three other dogs for a walk, which belonged to Sergio, who was 29 at the time, and was found dead next to her. multiple stab wounds.

Seven months later, on August 13, the Civil Guard arrested Sergio by distributing his acquittal account of his events to investigators in connection with the murder, and the judge sent him to prison.

Released on parole four months later, this defendant always defended his innocence.

Source: Informacion


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