Pro-abortion protesters gather in front of the US Supreme Court

The anger of hundreds of young people americans The possible revocation of legal protection of abortion has erupted before the country’s Supreme Court this Tuesday.It’s where a growing group of protesters gather for the day and demand that what they see as a setback for rights is not allowed. If I wanted the government to be in my vagina I would have slept with the senator, my body is my decision and abortion is health. court steps.

While at the beginning of the day the demonstration was clearly divided between those who favored and those who opposed abortion – each group is on either side of the grand staircase – the number of demonstrators in favor of the right to terminate the pregnancy In the end, it far outperformed those who wanted to impeach it and dominates its own side of the ladder. it happened. “We decided to come last night. The only reason we didn’t come earlier was because there was a large anti-abortion group yesterday, but the pro-society called eight to eight brides today. The idea is to be there all day,” said Manuela Tironi, one of the young women present at the protest. eat.

But throughout the morning, the groups looked pretty balanced: on the left were dozens of people of different ages holding banners in favor of the trans community and LGBT rights. And on the right, it’s a slightly smaller group, but noisier, with a few youths carrying LGBT flags and calling for “rights for all human beings, born and unborn.”

Democrats against abortion

The latter were members of the ‘Democrats for Life in America’. As one of its members, Caroline, explained to EFE, changing the law is necessary to change the culture, so she welcomes the leaked draft that points to a Supreme Court ruling that would revoke the traditional legal protection of abortion. The famous 1973 ‘Roe v. Wade’ decision. The draft was published last night and was approved by the court on Tuesday. However, the highest court made this clear. this is not a final decision and demanded an investigation to explain how it got into the hands of Politico, the first publishing media.

For Sarah, a pro-choice protester, her right to terminate the pregnancy is at stake because she is in the United States. There is really no difference between Church and the stateBecause religious beliefs have a tremendous influence on the decisions of Justice. This idea was one of the most repeated in the speeches and slogans of the demonstrators, who demanded from their country’s congress that the law be codified into law so as not to abide by the law.

This idea was also voiced by Senator Elizabeth Warren, the candidate for the Democratic primary in 2020, in an enthusiastic surprise speech in front of morning protesters. Warren, visibly moved, lamented that those who would suffer the most from the consequences of the court’s decision, if eventually passed, would be poor women who “would not be able to buy plane tickets to states where abortion is allowed”.

Great selection help

The landscape changed drastically during the afternoon, when many pro-choice youth were able to drop out of their university courses and join the protest. Some began to live tense scenes when a few girls started covering up with their posters of an elderly anti-abortion woman running up the stairs shouting “don’t kill the kids”. The old woman was insulted and persecuted by several protesters who tried to shade her by covering her with banners. There were also heated but civilized conversations between advocates and opponents of abortion rights.

On stage, a spokesperson for the Democratic Socialists of America (a civic organization backed by several Democratic Party congressmen) lamented what it would mean for the country to leave the decision on the legality of abortion in the hands of the United States. states. “I’m from Texas,” he told the crowd. “And you all know what happened in Texas,” he replied, with the group booing loudly. It was precisely in 2021 that the southern state became the protagonist of a major controversy that its officials, due to inaction of the Supreme Court, decided to ban abortion from six weeks of gestation.

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