A network of waste sorting complexes will be established in Chechnya

A network of waste sorting complexes should be built in Chechnya by 2024

Chechen authorities plan to create a network of waste sorting complexes in the republic by 2024. TASS reports that.

The complexes are being built as part of the implementation of the national “Ecology” project. According to the region’s Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities, Muslim Zaipullayev, systematic work is underway to switch to a new system for the treatment of municipal solid waste.

“Design estimates have been developed for the creation of a network of waste sorting complexes with a total capacity of 470,000 cubic meters and the construction of a plant for processing 200,000 cubic meters of recyclable materials, which will ensure one hundred percent processing of MSW generated in the region “, he says.

The minister added that infrastructure construction is planned for implementation until 2024.

Source: Lenta


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