Printed newspapers are under threat in Finland

Newspapers may no longer publish in Finland due to shortage of printing paper

In Finland, the publication of printed newspapers was threatened by a shortage of paper, also imported from Russia. Jukka Holmberg, director of the Union of Media, informed the broadcasting portal Yle about this.

According to him, the appearance of printed publications may stop in the coming weeks. About 20 percent of Finnish newspapers were printed on Russian paper. After the start of the military operation in Ukraine, the import of paper from Russia stopped. Holmberg pointed out that last year newsprint cost EUR 390 per tonne on the European market, now the price has risen to EUR 670.

Dozens of yachts were previously detained at customs in Finland. We are talking about 21 ships, presumably they belong to Russian businessmen against whom the West has imposed sanctions, or their companies. If the yachts are found to be owned by sanctioned individuals, local authorities may consider freezing their properties.

Source: Lenta


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