Ligament ruptured in Pope’s right knee

The Pope reveals his suffering in an interview with ‘Il Corriere della Sera’ “a torn bond” he is unable to walk for a “long time” in his right knee, but he assures that he treats this ailment with “peeling”, a technique that enhances and stimulates the biological repair of injuries.

“Today they’re going to operate on me with infiltrates and we’ll see. I’ve been like this for a long time, I can’t walk. A long time ago, popes used to walk with a pregnancy chair. A little pain, a little humiliation is needed…”, details in the interview published on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Last Saturday, along with a group of devoted listeners from Slovakia, the Pope apologized for having to “sit down” to give the blessing. He said, “I bless you and then I will greet you from a sitting position. This leg is not good, it is not working.” Francis, who He will turn 86 in December. and he assured me that he was one of the oldest popes, saying: “The doctor told me not to walk and I like to go, but this time I have to obey the doctor.”

The condition of the Pope’s leg does not appear to be improving, and the medical team has advised. have a rest. The Pope has an injury to his right knee that prevented him from standing for long periods of time and made it difficult to walk, which appeared during Holy Week celebrations. This affected his schedule to avoid unnecessary commuting and standing for too long. For example, I cannot preside over Mercy Sunday.

Francis had to vacate his schedule two weeks ago to pass an exam. medical control and had to cancel appointments a few days ago due to health issues.

Source: Informacion


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