British pedestrian who recorded nude images while caring for young children in Madrid is seeking 220 years in prison

Madrid County Court judge this Tuesday a cBritish citizen with a criminal record in the country who forged documents to work as a teacher in Spainand so it is possible recording nude images of minors and distribute the material on pedophile forums.

Requests of the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office He was imprisoned for 220 years for eight crimes. child pornography; degrading treatment; the crime of revealing 31 secrets; and forgery of official documents.

The defendant, who has already been convicted of child pornography in the UK, worked as a caregiver for a family from August 2016 to September 2017. He is responsible for teaching English to his three young children.

All this time BD lived in the family home, where she continued to “gratify her sexual appetite”, using her duties as caretaker. taking lots of photos and videos of minors in the pool, bath and home where two girls are seen naked.

On another occasion, she took more pictures of the minor appearing naked, “taking advantage of the fact that a friend of the minor went to that address to spend the days.”

He also worked at a school in Madrid.

Later, the defendant moved to Madrid and was working for another family at his home from 12:30 to 14:30 from September 18 to December 19, 2017.

Among his duties looking after the three young children of the marriage (a boy and two girls) were tasked with picking them up from school, feeding them, and speaking to them in English when their parents were not at home. “Taking advantage of this apparent superiority,” he continued. various photos of one of the minors appearing naked.

Between January 2018 and July 2019, the accused worked as a teacher at a school in Madrid, while alone in the classroom with minors ” Record videos and take photos of little ones focusing on panties and other times, with the camera up her skirt.”

He then produced a 48-second video projecting two images of a minor being observed, and The photos show that his penis is ejaculated.

Some of this material was distributed by user Littlegirlsex on a pedophile forum, which led to a police investigation.

Subsequently, BD presented a copy of the Israeli passport and an official title on behalf of the BDR prior to January 2018. turned out to be wrong so she could work at school as a native English speaking assistant teacher.

The forgery affected key elements such as the identity of the owner by changing the surname, the machine-readable field and stamp image with OCR characters changed by “inserting a padding character”.

Source: Informacion


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