A 13-year-old boy stays in intensive care after being beaten by his father for not taking a shower.

A minor under the age of thirteen is admitted intensive care Pediatrics Hospital La Fe de Valencia For four days after suffering severe head injuries after allegedly assaulted by his own father, who was arrested by the National Police and brought to justice. The attacker, 54 years old and allegedly residing in Paiporta, is already in temporary prison According to sources cited by this newspaper, for this serious incident of alleged maltreatment in the family while waiting to assess the child’s evolution and estimate the extent of injuries that could affect his speech due to neurological damage.

The attack occurred on April 27, when the minor was attacked, although the father himself admitted to hospital doctors and other children, which greatly softened the circumstances in which it occurred – that he claimed he pushed his son and hit himself with a piece of wood. He was spending the night at his father’s house in Paiporta. The mother, who is also suspected of mistreating and now attacking her son, has been separated for more than ten years. sentenced to prison for violence against women and breaking a restraining order armed with a knife.

The reason for the attack on their common son in this case was that his father did not obey when he told him to take a shower. Faced with his refusal and getting into an argument with him while scolding him for using a cell phone, the man abused his son. Although, according to him, simply pushed him and the underage would hit his head badlydoctors observed on a CT scan that the adolescent had three skull fractures that were not consistent with parent-reported facts.

Furthermore, the alleged assailant did not report the events that same night. Until the next morning, about twelve hours after the events took place, after the father returned from the field, he saw his son unconscious and unconscious. He called his mother and told her that he had argued with her the night before. and the boy had a black eye from hitting a piece of wood. He had a 24-year-old older brother and grandmother at home, but the latter did not know anything.

Health workers who were taken to the Emergency Department of Doctor Peset Hospital in Valencia, considering the seriousness of the minor, transferred him to the pediatric intensive care unit of La Fe Hospital in Valencia, where he had surgery last Friday.

The blows could have caused neurological damage that affected his ability to communicate.

After spending four days in intensive care in a very serious condition, he has been on the ground ever since, although internal damage to his brain as a result of the minor, alleged attack, affected his coordination to pronounce words. “He can’t speak, a bone has pierced an area of ​​the brain that affects his ability to communicate” He describes how the boy’s mother devastated what happened to him.

The woman filed a complaint about these events last Friday at a Valencia National Police station. Therefore, after several investigations, agents arrested the minor’s father for injuries and the arrested person was handed over to Valencia Investigation Court No. Seven to serve as a guard.

After taking his deposition, the judge agreed to put him in temporary prison on bail and without the possibility of bail, although it would be barred in favor of the Torrent courts as it would occur in Paiporta, a municipality to which the criminal act was attached. this jurisdiction.

After the attack, the young man spent the night at his father’s house without any medical help. received several WhatsApp messages from her son with the icon of a crying child. “I think that was the only way she asked me for help,” the distraught mother admits.

Source: Informacion


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