This was the best ‘look’ in Eurovision history

One of the dates marked in red on Eurofans’ calendar is approaching and they can no longer contain the desire to enjoy. a show that goes beyond music. end Eurovision 2022 It will be held next Saturday, May 14, but a few days before that, the audience will be able to warm up with the semi-finals on Tuesday, May 10 and Thursday, May 12.

Both the semi-finals and the final will start at 9 PM and can last until after 1:00 PM. As usual, Spain will not have to qualify for the semi-finals alongside Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Italy, but will go straight to the final because it is one of the top five contributors to the European Broadcasting Union and without it the production of the event would not be possible.

As soon as all eyes are turned to the Pala Alpitour stage in Turin and all the lights are turned on, the 66th edition of a festival will begin, where music will be another component of a huge show. Screens, holograms, pyrotechnics, choreography, flags, cameras and endless elements will work in harmony. putting together a long-awaited show throughout the year. Even more so after two years of the pandemic.

One of the most important parts that professionals pay attention to the smallest detail is the wardrobe. And every performance aims to convey and feel emotion to every audience and for this the outfits of the singers, musicians and dancers are something very well thought out that contribute to creating a magical atmosphere that surrounds the public.

Style is so important in Eurovision that throughout the history of the festival A machine to create unforgettable ‘looks’. his style ABBAfeathers Veal Internationalremembered champagne dress conchita sausagetassel jumpsuit salome or the famous holes in your dress hull became part of the history of the competition.

ABBA in 1974. Archive

But there is also a place in Eurovision. the weirdest and it’s not easy to forget some clothes Vilija Mataciūnaitė, the Lithuanian representative who combined a Lara Croft-esque suit with a ballet skirt; Corset, feathers, chains, gloves and feathered boots worn by Greek women. unceasingly or the dull dress barbara dexHe won the worst dressed award in 1993.

Vilija Matačiūnaitė in 2014. Eurovision

Best ‘appearance’ in Eurovision history

It is undoubtedly very difficult to choose the best dress in history in a competition where there are so many performances where all kinds of designs are seen. However, there is one in Spain that is considered the best, both for its aesthetics, such as what it represents and what it achieves.

Which dress are we talking about? Massiel made Spain the winner of Eurovision in 1968. The famous song ‘La, la, la’ fell in love with Europe, and the Madrid singer became the first Spaniard to conquer the famous festival.

The dress carried the air breathed in the streets at that time in the late sixties. A destructive atmosphere where they fight to break taboos and fight puritanism. That atmosphere of change and liberation moved into women’s closets.creates a significant gap between teen and adult fashion.

All this essence was brought to the Eurovision stage by a young 29-year-old Massiel.n white bell bottom mini skirt dress with a print of pink daisies. Garment signed by the French André CourregesShe wore a small white collar and a ruffled skirt that gave her wardrobe a casual yet elegant flair. The ‘look’ chosen by Massiel, who bought it for around 50,000 pesetas (300 Euros) with a friend in Paris, was undoubtedly in line with what the song meant.

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