Sentenced to 27 years in prison for allegedly sexually abusing two young children, the daughters of his partner, in Fuerteventura

The Second Circuit of Las Palmas County Court sentenced a man to 27 years in prison for continuing to sexually assault and abuse his emotional partner’s two underage daughters in the town of Gran Tarajal in Fuerteventura. It should also pay 40,000 euros in compensation to the accused mother and the victims. The judges state that the individual cannot work with minors for 29 years, also that he cannot come close to one of the affected women for 19 years, and the distance from the other will be far from the other. 14 years.

The events took place in the region between 2011 and 2016. One of the girls was born in 2003 and the other in 2005. During this time, the person involved repeatedly and repeatedly took advantage of the fact that little girls’ mothers took advantage of little girls. not in the family home and remained in her care to satisfy her sexual desires. He forced one of the girls to give him a blowjob, as stated in the Second Chapter judgment. When the little girl protested, the person either grabbed her by the neck or hair or forced her mouth open. Once he did this last act with such violence that he even injured the minor’s lip.

In addition, the accused repeatedly touched every part of the girl’s body, including the genital area, for the same purpose. He also ordered the victim to touch his body, which he grabbed by the hands or sucked on her breasts, despite the girl’s refusal. The person forced him to touch his penis and masturbate. During this time, he also forced the affected person to watch pornographic films in his company.

In those years, the person forced his wife’s other daughter to apply cream to her entire body while she was naked in her bed, at the same address and for the same purpose. To overcome the minor’s opposition, he forcefully grabbed her by the wrists to touch his penis. Also, while taking a shower with the minor, he rubbed his phallus on the little girl’s body.

At the time, the accused, who exercised his authority over the girls, often in charge of them, beat him repeatedly and repeatedly, either because the minors were not paying attention to him or for doing things he did not consent to. significant strength in various parts of the body, such as the face, arms or hips. He even grabbed one by the neck.

In these cases, the defendant made derogatory comments at them, such as “below normal” or “useless”. According to the phrase known at yesterday’s session, such situations evoked “a sense of terror in girls that prevented them from going against their own plans or simply telling their mother what they were doing out of fear that it would hurt their face.”

He also threatened victims with being beaten if they told them what he had done while their mother was not at home.

As a result of these major episodes of violence, one of the little girls dropped her academic performance and suffered a facial paralysis. Both he and his sister had a serious psychological condition in their evolution.

Source: Informacion


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