Steve Jobs’ brainstorming while on vacation told

Tony Fadell, one of the first Apple engineers, talked about how former CEO Steve Jobs used his vacation to brainstorm. He announced this in an interview that aired on The Tim Ferriss Show. YouTube.

Fadell, the engineer who created the iPod and worked on the iPhone, noted that Jobs continued to chat with colleagues over the weekend. According to him, the conversations were devoted to new technologies and what awaited Apple next.

“Steve was on vacation and was thinking about the next product, the next direction for Apple, new technologies. He used this period as a time to expand his thinking and go beyond Apple every day,” the expert explained.

Fadell says the employees who stay in the office for Jobs are “like Google,” the company can call them to look up information about their projects or to verify.

The engineer explained that the former head of Apple calls during reasonable business hours, but “maybe 5-6 times a day, depending on what he’s thinking on that holiday.”

“You liked it because you could talk to him about all kinds of things,” the expert added. According to Fadell, Jobs sometimes didn’t call once a day.

Formerly said About the most unknown and rare Apple products in the history of the American tech company.

Source: Gazeta


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