They demand national law protecting centuries-old olive trees

The project demands a national and regional law that protects people. century-old olive trees ‘abandonment and looting’, which are the result of exposures and, in the opinion of the business, ‘low profitability compared to heavy or over-intensive models’. recently brought together different representatives to address the issue as members of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO) or the Government of Aragon to reach a solution through Think Town.

Environmental journalist César-Javier Palacios also joined (who, although unsuccessful in 2017, ran a campaign to protect millennial olive trees in the Mediterranean and prevent them from being plundered by the European Parliament); José Eugenio Gutiérrez Ureña of SEO/BirdLife, responsible for ‘Olivares Vivos’ (a study of the biodiversity of olive groves carried out worldwide by researchers from the University of Jaén and CSIC), partners of the LIFE project (guaranteeing effectiveness) of the Living Olive Groves model and for the conservation of European biodiversity confirms the importance of the olive grove) or Víctor Vidal, agronomist of the team.

Partridges among centuries-old olive groves SEO

All participants agreed on It is necessary to find alternatives to declaring centuries-old olive trees a Natural Heritage. due to lack of resources.

As a representative of MITECO, Gregorio Chamorro (District President. SG Forest Policy and Combating Desertification), cEnacting a National Law that currently protects centuries-old olive trees is complex. As a Natural Heritage, Palacios paid special attention to “the society’s lack of awareness about these specimens”.

“Conservation of centuries-old olive trees is essential because they are in decline.You can’t invent thousands of years old olive trees, you have to wait a thousand years to have them again.”

Likewise, José Eugenio Gutierrez Strengthening and promoting traditional olive groves through agricultural policies such as CAPHe argued that some of these budget items of and rural development plans should focus on this preservation, in addition to creating a culture in the community about olive oil and its origin, as well as so that consumers know the power of its influence by betting on options from traditional olive groves. .

An initiative with 9,000 godparents and godmothers

Agronomist Víctor Vidal, for his part, political actions to raise awareness in society “associated with traditional olive grove life” and “life in villages, cultural life and animal and plant life” to protect the species as they find a livelihood here.

Olivaresvivos promotional event olive grove

From, which was created with the aim of saving 100,000 olive trees abandoned in Oliete (Teruel) with an innovative, supportive, social and sustainable sponsorship model, There are already almost 9,000 godparents and godmothersthey will continue to seek financial support through new donors.

Therefore, they will continue to collect signatures on to “make this need visible and raise awareness” and will start negotiations for the authorities to popularize this law for the protection of centuries-old olive trees.


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