Kiko Matamoros ‘to the limit’ in ‘Survivors’ with bite, vomiting and diarrhea

After living on the island for a few days, kiko matamoros In ‘Survivors’ it is in a ‘limited state’ as he defines it. very uncomfortable after being a competitor His body is full of bites. He also vomits everything he eats and on top of that he has diarrhea.

After moving to ‘Playa Fatal’, the part of the island with less activity and almost no food, his physical condition went from bad to worse, to the point where one day his friends found him lying on the ground, unable to react. After eating a piece of coconut, the collaborator took it out after a while, causing great concern.

As this was the case, the medical team had to act. Kiko eased the doctor’s burden: “I threw up the only coconut I ate, I’ve had diarrhea all day and my hands and face are deformed from the bites,” he explained helplessly: “I’m devastated and fed up with everything.”

If nothing changes, Matamoros may have to leave the competition, either on medical prescription or by asking the public not to bail him out because he’s one of four candidates. At the moment, everything seems to indicate that the competitor really cannot stay in these conditions.

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