In Russia, they offered to test astronauts on a neurodetector lie23:34

A polygraph can be used to select people as astronauts. In this respect informs TASS, citing an article in the journal “Manned Space Flights” written by cosmonaut training experts.

“This is the selection committee’s dream – to check the accuracy of the answer with high accuracy and reveal the true intentions of the candidate. Neuroinformation technologies can be used for this,” write the authors from the Cosmonaut Training Center. Yu.A. Gagarin.

The traditional lie detector captures the emotional response and response to the question, not the lie itself. Thus, the device captures the excitement that cannot be caused only by lies, and the task of distinguishing wrong answers from true lies falls to the operator of the device. Instead, modern technologies allow you to read cognitive processes directly – for example, implanted electrodes even make it possible to control devices with the power of thought, and they study brain activity in economics, when making a transaction and making a choice. Based on this, it can be assumed that the brain activity of a person who lies and tells the truth is different.

Compared to a traditional lie detector (lie detector), which measures certain physiological indicators (pulse rate, blood pressure, sweating, and others) that indicate a strong emotional response of the person when they tell a lie, the neurolie detector scientists find it more reliable and therefore more promising for need applications. ” says.

Also, thanks to such technologies, it will be possible to control the teamwork of the crew, as well as to examine people in orbit and detect psychological problems in a timely manner. At the same time, the authors note that direct brain scanning methods are still in their infancy.

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Source: Gazeta


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