Alicante family businesses feel ‘suffocated in taxes’ and demand tax breaks

It was not enough to extend inheritance tax bonus To all companies, regardless of size, as contained in the latest Generalitat Budgets Monitoring Act, thanks to the affirmative vote of PSPV, PP, Ciudadanos and Vox. This Alicante family businesses to consider”stifling” And “abusive tax amount both businesses and citizens have to pay, demand for it general tax relief to help boost economic activity.

This was requested by the head of Aefa, Maite AntonOrganized on the occasion of the general assembly of the association and also had the opportunity to request II. At the Family Business Provincial Meeting; More investment for the province or maintenance Tagus’ transfer. It is also an action justified the role of businessmen As guarantors of wealth creation and the welfare state, following Podemos’s recent criticism of the Mercadona president, Juan Roigalthough it does not explicitly refer to the discussion.

“It saddens me to see that there are currents today, fortunately, I think there are more and more minorities determined to show businessmen publicly that they are part of the problem, while the reality is completely the opposite,” Antón said. Those who describe these attacks as “unjust” said, “I don’t know why. ignorance or populism is greedy just for votes‘ as he said.

A moment from the show held by Aefa at the restaurant El Maestral. Pilar Cortes

In this sense, the head of Aefa argued and claimed that it is employment created by companies that maintain the welfare state. measures that support the emergence of new businesses and reduce financial effort described as “suffocating”. As he said, “the largest of all OECD countries”.

Maite Antón elaborated on the subject in a much stronger tone than he usually used. “The solution is not to drown in taxesBut to create more wealth, more activity, so that more people can develop their professions, not when more people are stuck in a difficult and unsustainable situation,” he said in the presence of the province and also the President of the Provincial Assembly, Carlos Mazon and the Deputy Representative of the Government, Araceli Pobladoramong others.

“The reason why many citizens have difficulty in meeting their shelter, nutrition and rest needs is mainly because of the conditions of the companies, not because of the conditions. amount of misused tax We citizens endure,” insisted Antón.

So, for the next elections Asking political parties to agree has set the agreement allowing the extension of the Inheritance Tax bonus, a historical claim of the organization, as an example to follow, as until now this regional discount is only applicable to firms with a turnover of less than 10 million.

Participants at the round table of the Aefa show. Pilar Cortes

On the other hand, the president of Aefa called for an end to the massacre. discrimination in the state’s state budgets He reminded that adequate infrastructure and public services are the key to maintaining the competitiveness of companies in the region. As a matter of fact, after recalling the mobilizations last fall to demand the change of State Budgets, he stated that the organization would continue to “raise its voice”. Until this injustice is corrected“.

Likewise, he argued that “water resources must be fairly distributed and adequately planned” so that economic growth does not stall. “Without water, this land has no future, so water is very important. Tajo-Segura transfer smooth“, stressed the woman from Elche.

State Assembly speaker Carlos Mazón praised Aefa’s role in defending the province’s interests; Carlos Mendoza, director of companies and SMEs at Banco Santander’s Valencia Community and Region Department of Murcia, highlighted the values ​​that drive the organisation, such as the advancement of people, the company and society in general.

Colonel Pedro Baños during his lecture. Pilar Cortes

Alicante Family Companies II. His meeting was organized by a lecture by the Army colonel. Pedro Banosthe person who made the geopolitical and geoeconomic analysis of the current panorama. Baños emphasized the idea that “the world as we know it has ceased to exist,” and defined it as follows: “total war” China’s efforts for many countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia to co-ordinate their international operations with China yuan, thus threatening the dominant role of the dollar.

Finally, a roundtable meeting was held with the participation of Grupo Tenepa co-owner Saray Muñoz; Santiago Royo, CEO of Invest Corporation; and Pepe Escobar, general manager of Neoflex Adhesives. A discussion moderated by Gibeller’s Marketing Director, Mayte Torregrosa.

new partners

According to its President, Maite Antón, Aefa closed the year with 174 members, reaching a new joint record. In particular, companies Alehop, Aluminum y PVC, Balearia, Bateig Piedra Natural, Beniconnect, Cayro, Compañía Levantina de Reductores, Hersig, Indalva, Josep Llorca Construcciones, La Grajera, MPC Group, PVC and Restaura Forty Gestión.

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