Taxi driver found missing schoolboy in Kuzbass 05:45

A 13-year-old boy went missing in Kuzbass. Found by a man working in a taxi.

At 23:30 on March 27, a resident of Tyazhinskoye contacted the police. He said that at 6:20 p.m. his 13-year-old son had left the house and did not return. The search for the student has begun. Law enforcement and volunteers went out to search.

At 05:20 a taxi driver noticed the missing person walking by the side of the Tyazhinskiy-Novovostochny highway, they reported it to the portal VSE42 At the Regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Interior.

The man talked to the boy, persuaded him to return home, and called the police. He drove the student to the place of residence himself.

It was announced that no unlawful action was taken against the student. The circumstances of the event are determined.

Police are considering rewarding the taxi driver who helped find the missing boy.

It was previously reported that he was in St. Petersburg. gone 13 children during the three-day school break.

Source: Gazeta


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