How to take a better photo of a car for sale online – 6 tips

An excellent offer, represented by two lines of text and one photo against the background of a dirty garage, cannot find a buyer for months, say SberAuto experts.

They shared tips on how to take the most advantageous photo of your car to sell it quickly and successfully.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.


For an attractive appearance of the car in the photo, careful preparation is required, including cleaning the interior and trunk, and possibly dry cleaning. Remove all items related to the previous owner from the cabin to make it easier for the buyer to present this car as their own.


For the presentation of the car in the photo, it is better to choose calm locations with a neutral background, avoid distracting elements. Do not choose a background on which the car changes color or has bright elements. The best location for a photo is a monophonic solid fence, a wall or a large body of water, where there is enough light – the car will look natural.

Comfortable recording time

It is better to rent a car in clear weather, but without direct sunlight. It distorts the color of the car and leaves a lot of glare on the frames. On a cloudy day with good light, you can also take good pictures, but do not illuminate the sky in the picture. To avoid this, when shooting with a phone, you can click your finger on the screen where the sky meets the roof, and the smartphone will correct the photo. Shooting at night is not recommended.

Angle and scale

Different angles and scales can visually distort the car. Avoid photos with “cut-out” wheels or a roof, as they are uninformative.

It’s important to shoot from different angles and choose the best shots, including front, back, left, and right views. Often the most advantageous angle is three-quarters, such a photo can be on the cover of an advertisement. At the same time, it is not necessary to leave a lot of space on the sides in the photos, all the attention should be on the car. Avoid using the flash to avoid distorting perspective and causing flare.

Attention to detail

It is worth taking pictures of the open trunk, hood and doors, pictures of the wheels and rims. Photos of the interior are also required. It is necessary to photograph the seats so that there is a general view of both the driver’s and passenger’s seats. It is better to remove the front panel with devices separately. If the car has additional equipment, this must be demonstrated with advantage.

Adjust photos

Crop the excess in the photo and experiment with brightness to achieve accurate color reproduction. In general photos, you can slightly blur the background behind the car. Save the image in the formats required by the advertising sites – then the images will not be programmatically stretched or compressed, causing them to lose quality.

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