Sergei Kiriyenko held a meeting of the “First Movement” coordination council 22:13

First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergei Kiriyenko, the press service of the movement held a meeting with the Movement of the First Coordinating Council.

The meeting brought together representatives of 89 regional branches of the Krasnodar Territory. It was held in the federal district of “Sirius” as part of the “First Marathon”.

According to Kiriyenko, all organizational and technical problems are over, the “First Movement” is in full operation.

“Only three months have passed since the first congress of the First Movement, but coordinating councils have been formed across all 89 subjects of our country, including the liberated lands. Participants in the Russian children’s and youth movement are very right. They have fully started their activities, they are actively participating in the actions and projects of the movement,” he said.

Kiriyenko emphasized that the participants in the movement are really active and purposeful people. According to him, it is thanks to them that a responsible and active youth community is formed.

It is also stated that the First Academy, another project of the First Movement, will be launched. It is assumed that the academy will provide the identification and individual support of gifted children. Throughout the year, they will be able to complete training programs under the guidance of professional mentors. The first masters of the academy will be Vladimir Mashkov, Elena Shmeleva and Alexei Komissarov.

Chairman of the Board of Russian Child and Youth Movements Grigory Gurov talked about the work of the primary branches of the movement, which opened in schools, secondary vocational schools, universities, youth centers, culture, sports and additional institutions. in education, children’s camps and businesses.

“It is important for us to accompany the child in various areas of life, at every stage of its formation and development. “The First’s Movement” was created to give equal opportunities to all: single-school children from big cities and small villages,” he said.

Source: Gazeta


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