A restaurateur from “First Dates” is confused by his girlfriend’s question: “I stand still”

Ismael found himself like a fish in water in the first minutes of ‘First Dates’. The 28-year-old boy came to the restaurant of the Cuatro show and declared himself a TV fan, especially Mediaset: “A program I watch a lot is ‘Save Me’. Lemon, Orange, ‘Deluxe’, ‘Charm island’ and others. They give me a moment of relaxation, no distractions, vivid experiences that maybe I didn’t experience but that they tell me from the outside.”

Later, İsmel told Elsa Anka that she joined the Cuatro program after her heartbreak and saved her thanks to her surroundings: “I was very good but he left me. He decided to take another path. It was hard for me to face it, to see that it was nothing, but she decided to be someone else.”

Minutes after his presentation, Ismael met 23-year-old María from Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) and made a very good first impression: “I noticed that she was tall like me and her blue eyes were beautiful.”

As they sat down at the table reserved for them, they realized that they had several common goals, such as finding a stable relationship, and had similar emotional experiences: “I last had a boyfriend who lasted ten months. He wasn’t a boyfriend as he was, but it was like he was. She left me because she didn’t feel the same way. I had bad times but now I’m open. Not all men are the same.”

The two continued to chat casually until María touched on something Ismael didn’t like very much: “And another question I’m going to ask you, I’ll start myself. What do you like in sex? Are you looking for active people?.

I’m a little stuck. Right there, on the first date… I didn’t know where to take the conversation. It seems to be an important issue for him and for me, but it’s not a sure thing.”said Ismael in total in front of the Cuatro dating cameras.

In the last minutes of the meeting, Ismael was very clear in the “Last decision” episode of “First Dates” when he assured her that he would not have a second date with María.: “I thought you were an attractive girl, but physically you’re not my prototype. I’m sure you’ll find someone great.”

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