NASA showed photo of biggest solar hurricane in recent years

Scientists have shown pictures of a massive 14-Earth “solar hurricane” that may be one of the largest ever recorded. It has been reported live science.

The solar hurricane emerged near the Sun’s north pole on March 15 and continued to grow and change shape until it finally dissipated on March 18. This happened after a fiery hurricane released a cloud of plasma (ionized gas) into space. Astronomers said that the ejected plasma would not reach Earth, but would reach the Moon.

The height of the hurricane was 178 thousand kilometers. A study published in 2013 in the journal Solar Origins of Space Weather and Space Climate notes that solar hurricanes typically range between 25,000 and 100,000 kilometers.

Additionally, solar hurricanes usually form in small groups, but it was one of the hurricanes found in March.

Also on March 9, a “plasma waterfall” was seen near the Sun’s south pole, and on February 2, a large solar flare broke out from the Sun’s north pole. These unusual events are likely to become more common as solar activity increases as the Sun approaches the zenith of its 11-year solar cycle, which is expected to happen in 2025.

Source: Gazeta


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