Sentenced to three and a half years in prison, the duo are accused of robbing a jewelry store in Novelda.

This Alicante County Court sentenced to separate three years and six months in prison two people accused of trying Rob a jeweler in Novelda however, taking into account the detention of the owner of the establishment accused by the prosecutor’s office, he was acquitted of the crime of unlawful arrest. tied their hands and feet, According to the sentence made public by the Tenth Division, he did not exceed the time required to complete the robbery.

One of the defendants in a jewelry store robbery in Novelda. THIN

The declared events proven in the judgment occurred at about half past one o’clock on October 28, 2022. The two defendants entered a jewelry store on Emilia Castelar street in Novelda and they asked the owner to show them a watch What was in the window? As he bent down to pick it up, one of the defendants rushed towards him, wrapped his arm around his neck, and pinned him to the ground.

Next they tied him, first with tape, then with a power cord to both hands and feet. One of the defendants testified razor for neck while asking him to shut up and give her the keys to the jewelry store. The robbers tied him tighter and a hood on the head before taking it to an internal office.

60.000 Euro booty

The attackers confiscated jewelery and cash that they had hidden in a backpack. The loot exceeded 60,000 euros, but the robbery was thwarted by the police. Civil Guard, because at the time of the robbery the victim was on the phone with a friend and set off the alarm. The two suspects were arrested in the jewelery shop.

The court found that one of the accused authors violent theft using a gun in a public workplace temporarily. At the hearing before the Court recently, both admitted the theft and the prosecutor’s office demanded that they be sentenced to prison. five years and three months in prison Estimating that there was also the crime of unlawful detention, the court concluded that the Civil Guard took several minutes after receiving the notice and that the detention of the jeweler did not go beyond what was strictly necessary to carry out the robbery, therefore the sentence three and a half years in prison. According to the court, “withholding is part of robbery’s enforcement acts and does not exceed what is inherent in its commission dynamics.”

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