Long-awaited ‘Yellowjackets’, ‘The Night Agent’ and other dramas will see you this week

New series premiere every week, other well-known and loved ones return, and the schedule can easily become impossible. What we do in this section five quotes that in principle it is impossible to go wrong.

1. “Life After Life” (Movie, Tuesday)

Manager john crowley (“Brooklyn”) and screenwriter Bash Doran (“Traitors”) are being adapted in four episodes in the director’s successful novel, “Again and Again.” Kate Atkinson about alternative histories, parallel lives, and reincarnation from ten years ago. Ursula Todd (especially Thomasin McKenzie) dies a few hours after birth in 1910, but is reborn in a different timeline that same night, where she unwittingly survived. But this will not be his last attempt at a life well lived.

2. “The Night Agent” (Netflix, Thursday)

Senior ‘showrunner’ Shawn Ryan (“The Shield”, “Terriers”) described the adaptation of Matthew Quirk’s book as a kind of “All the President’s Men with a car chase,” which sounds great to this historian’s ears. Gabriel Basso (“Hillbilly, a Country Elegy”) He plays Peter Sutherland, a low-level FBI agent who finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy involving a mole at the White House. hongchauHe was nominated for an Oscar for ‘The Whale’.

3. “Partisan (season 2)” (AMC+, Thursday)

The Swedish “thriller” returns about a mysterious organic farm and the secret society that coordinates it. It all starts with a burning man in a car thrown off a cliff in this new game. If the times of the first are followed, it will take time for us to learn what secrets are hidden behind that image. In an age of over-explained mythologies and dialogues adapted from Wikipedia, those in charge of ‘Partisan’ advocate the pleasure of not knowing.

4. “Here” (Disney+, Friday)

This musical romantic comedy brings together a very stellar crew. Kristen Anderson-Lopez And Robert LopezThe composers of a little melody called ‘Let it Go’ are adapting their own plays with the support of the composers. steven levensonTony Award for Best Musical Screenplay for ‘Dear Evan Hansen’. in the direction we have Thomas Kayil‘Hamilton’ director in multiple versions. And the female lead Mae Whitman, Roxy in ‘Scott Pilgrim Against the World’. What could go wrong?

5. ‘Yellowjackets’ (season 2)’ (Movistar Plus+, Friday)

This twisted two-part “thriller” has, somewhat surprisingly, become one of the popular and critical “hits” of 2021. There is great anticipation as to how the survival adventure of the champion women’s soccer team continues. And what about the four survivors (Melanie Lynskey, Christina Ricci, juliette lewis, yellowish cypress) Facing the past after a quarter of a century. Rounding the offer, İlyas Wood He joins the cast as a curious detective.

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