RT: US Congress has been asked to explore options to counter the Wagner PMC’s presence in the world 07:35

The US Congressional Research Service has prepared a report on the activities of the private military company (PMC) Wagner for American parliamentarians. Members of Congress should consider how to “constrain their expanding presence” in the world of this PMC, he writes. RTrefers to the document.

Experts recalled already existing bills that required the United States Secretary of State to recognize PMC Wagner as a foreign terrorist organization. However, analysts warn that this move could affect US relations with Russia and other countries that have used the services of PMCs.

“Members of Congress may consider other available legislative and supervisory options to further limit and counter the Wagner Group’s expanding presence around the world,” the document says.

The report says parliamentarians should raise the feasibility of exploring strategies and tools that the United States can use to “motivate” other countries to refuse to engage with this PMC. Also, the research group is confident that Moscow is using private military companies to “design power on a global scale.”

“These associations differ in size and scope and act as unofficial (and supposedly illegal) instruments of Russian foreign policy,” the document says.

Formerly at the US Department of Justice declarationThe decision whether PMC “Wagner” is a terrorist should be taken by the State Department.

Source: Gazeta


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