“Checkmate can deceive missiles in infrared”

“The rotary jet nozzle of the aircraft engine is located along the axis of symmetry of the fuselage and is used for control and stabilization in flight, it can only change direction up and down in the vertical plane and can be done from any direction.” says document.

Yuri Slyusar, previously head of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), said Checkmate will receive the Izdeliye 117 (AL-41F1) engine, which will be modified for a single-engine aircraft. Slyusar said that Checkmate’s first flight is scheduled for 2023, with mass production scheduled for 2026.

The Federal Intellectual Property Service document also reports that the Checkmate model has been tested in wind tunnels.

“The combination of all the above controls in the design of the aircraft makes it possible to move the zones where unstable static instability of the aircraft occurs, increase the handling characteristics and reduce the resistance of this aerodynamic arrangement of the aircraft. It has been validated by the model’s calculations and tests in wind tunnels,” he says in the document.

Checkmate was developed by the Sukhoi initiative, which is part of UAC, it was first presented at the MAKS-2021 air show, its external presentation took place at the Dubai Airshow 2021 in the UAE.

The aircraft was built using stealth technologies, equipped with an in-body compartment for air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons. The fighter will be able to hit six targets at once, its speed is Mach 1.8, and its combat radius is 3,000 km.

“The 4++ generation MiG-35, Su-30SM, Su-35, Su-37 Russian aircraft use rotary jet nozzle engines. Such an engine increases the maneuverability of the aircraft at low speeds – it provides super maneuverability. Rotary nozzles are a hobby of Russian engine manufacturers. Thanks to this technical solution, which we have seen in various world weather, it shows that our large attack aircraft not only perform aerobatics, but literally hang in the air, making somersaults that foreign aircraft cannot repeat, ”the aviation expert told socialbites.ca. -The chief of the Avia.Ru portal is Roman Gusarov.

The expert pointed out that the engines of foreign aircraft do not have rotary nozzles.

According to retired Air Force Major General Vladimir Popov, former head of the Department of Defense’s Federal Aerospace Search and Rescue Directorate, the rotary jet engine is a thrust vector engine in which the axis of the outlet nozzle can change both up and down. 15-20 degrees down and 8-10 degrees left and right.

As a result, the controllability of thrust changes, which makes it possible to increase the degree of maneuverability of the aircraft. The safety of piloting has also been increased. An aircraft with such an engine will be more agile and mobile in the air, which is very important for air combat – the aircraft will more effectively dodge enemy missiles, the survivability will increase, and therefore the probability of completing a combat mission, ”explained Popov.

He noted that while 4++ generation aircraft will have oval-shaped rotary jet engines, the Checkmate will likely be offered a rectangular jet engine.

“A rectangular nozzle, in addition to increased maneuverability, will provide the aircraft with low visibility from the radar point of view – it will increase the scattering coefficient of reflected rays. The same thing will happen with the infrared beam – such a nozzle will allow the exhaust gases to be more dispersed in the air mass. They come out of the breast at high temperature – 400-500 degrees.

The elongated exhaust pipe and the rectangular shape of the nozzle allow the air flow to mix more with the environment and, accordingly, the temperature drops sharply. Accordingly, the temperature gradient drops and the guided head of the enemy missile sees the aircraft with a delay. Thus, Checkmate will be able to deceive missiles in the infrared range.

said Popov.

According to him, this increases the reaction time of the enemy and, accordingly, the decision time of the Checkmate pilot.

The latest Russian fighter Su-75 Checkmate can be equipped with an engine with a multi-angle rotary jet nozzle, according to the patent text published by the Federal Intellectual Property Service. “socialbites.ca” understood how such a nozzle increases the combat capabilities of the aircraft.

Source: Gazeta


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