Without a vehicle, there is no protection. There are still many animals that are mistreated. It is true that there has been an improvement in the number of school leavers in recent years. These have decreased significantly compared to ten, fifteen years ago. This is indisputable. The same thing happened with harassment.

The awareness of the society is increasing and it shows. However, this does not prevent animal abuse cases that shock us all from time to time and require rapid intervention. All kinds of tools are needed at every stage of the process to combat them.

On the one hand, in prevention. This requires training and respectful but well-executed control. In addition, the penalties are to be proportional to the gravity of the act committed, to be in compliance with the law, and of course to allocate tools to investigate and detect abuse and to protect compliance with the penalty. imposed. .

The latter is necessary, first of all, in cases where the courts take special measures that can be extended over time, given the seriousness of the facts. This can happen, for example, where an animal is taken from its owners because of the conditions in which they are kept or because they do not provide proper care. In such a case, if the court forbids the owners from approaching him during the investigation of the process by attributing the custody of the animal to someone or an institution, it should be monitored whether the said measure is effectively complied with. The same is true in cases where a person is prohibited from re-owning a pet because of some ill-treatment committed against him.

In all these cases, it is essential to monitor compliance with these prohibitions. If there is no way to do this or if the protocols are not expressed, the animals will always pay the price.