Russian scientists have proposed using stem cells to give medicine to the body

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) will assist in the targeted delivery of biomedical drugs into the body, which may aid in the treatment of stroke, cancer or inflammatory diseases. Immanuel Kant scientists of the Baltic Federal University (IKBFU) are sure of this, the Ministry of Education and Science told

“Our team tested methods to isolate and grow human MSCs. We characterized cells under loading conditions with microcapsules, evaluated their viability and functional activity, examined the effect of microcapsules on cell motility and their migration potential. At IKBFU’s Center for Immunology and Cellular Biotechnology “Colleagues from other scientific centers synthesized and characterized the microcapsules used in the study, measuring nitrites, which provided additional data on the inflammatory activity of cells,” said an engineer and researcher, I. Kant Vladimir Malashchenko.

The scientists studied in vitro (in an experimental model) the effect of synthetic polymeric microcapsules – one of these drug delivery options – on cell morphology, ultrastructure, biological activity and viability of mesenchymal stem cells. The study showed that the use of these cells is promising for regenerative medicine because of their differentiation potential, ability to reduce inflammation and regulate the activity of the immune system. And most importantly, in the future, MSCs may become effective systems for delivering encapsulated drugs to inflammatory foci (target organs and tissues). This will allow the treatment to reduce the dose of medication and reduce adverse side effects.

The results showed that human mesenchymal stem cells can be loaded with synthesized microcapsules while maintaining their motility and ability to migrate, without compromising cell integrity. In this case, the secretion of cytokines, which is important for preventing excessive inflammation, will not be expressed.

Therefore, within the framework of the experimental model, the scientists validated the concept of using human MSCs as a way to deliver microcapsules containing bioactive material. This may be the basis for the creation of modern high-tech methods for the treatment of various socially significant diseases.

Source: Gazeta


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