Avant-garde and local gastronomy

Gastronomy occupies an extremely relevant place in Meliá Alicante and therefore the gastronomy offer is carried out in different spaces created for a client who wants to enjoy fully based cuisine. local and quality productsinside exclusive, private setting and where the treatment is perfect. To this end, Meliá Alicante offers a magnificent buffet breakfast in the Gran Postiguet hall, which will be completely renovated this year and you can enjoy it. amazing sea view thanks to its glass walls. Watching the sunrise and contemplating how the sun illuminates the city beach is a real privilege, an ideal picture to start the day fresh. Mediterranean or continental buffet. You can choose multiple options in it, sweet or salty, strong or mild. everything to your liking.

With Trasluz’s daily rice menu, you can choose from a variety of rice.

Trasluz, the cuisine of our country

The gastronomic offer of Meliá Alicante has been added to the Trasluz restaurant, where you can taste a carefully prepared dish. Mediterranean cuisine with local and nearby products. Trasluz represents a new gastronomic concept, located in the main hall of the hotel, open to all staying and non-staying customers.

Trasluz offers a wide variety of delicious dishes that glorify Mediterranean cuisine with an avant-garde twist. quality and variety of rice and as obscene as dishes made with meaty local produce Shrimp from Santa Pola or octopus from the bay.

it should be noted that its local and signature cuisine in obscene food goose tail cannelloni with goose gratin; zucchini tagliata, burrata with pistachios and moles pomegranate or Alicante cream with almond tulip and wild red berries. Always in the most welcoming and sophisticated setting.

Transluz, in addition to its menu, daily rice menuyou can choose between rice varieties: a banda, Iberian secret, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic with garlic, grilled octopus and ali oli de ñora, lobster, cuttlefish and squid ink, from señoret…

In addition, the restaurant bearing the L’Exquisit Mediterrani seal offers takeaway service so that you can eat rice dishes at home as well as traditional dishes. christmas menus.

Trasluz offers a wide variety of delicious dishes that glorify Mediterranean cuisine with an avant-garde twist.

Bribone, traveler’s corner and Alicante

Bribone Bar is the perfect spot for breakfast or aperitif, drink or cocktail, as well as a meeting point for lunch or dinner at a restaurant. a more relaxed atmospherebut without neglecting the details and sophistication What Meliá Alicante deserves.

Like Trasluz, Bribone is open to the public and uses it as a avant-garde environment and with its warm decoration at all hours of the day. Chef’s creative creations and delicious signature cocktails They are must-have items for those visiting Bribone.

Bribone Bar is the perfect place to have breakfast or have an aperitif, drink or cocktail.

Team up to any event

It is important to note the kitchen and dining room team led by Guinea Lorente offers attractions and appetizing menus It will ensure the success of any celebration or event that takes place in the privileged spaces Meliá Alicante has to offer. The perfect set that turns every moment into something unforgettable. Wedding, congregations, social events, company celebrations and all kinds of meetings. A complete professional team covering all kinds of market segments, delicious and wide gastronomic offer adapting to the needs of each customer and guaranteeing excellent success in any celebration or event.

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