Russian scientists obtained arctic fuel from used tires

Russian scientists have proposed a method for obtaining liquid hydrocarbon fuel from used tires for boiler plants and Arctic ships. This was reported to at NUST MISIS.

“One of the most promising ways to recycle automobile tires is the so-called steam pyrolysis. Catalysis Laboratory researcher Kirill Larionov said that the advantages of this method include safety, neutralization of toxic components in the pyrolysis process, high energy value of gas-phase products and the ability to control the properties of the raw materials obtained. and Processing of Hydrocarbons at NUST MISIS.

Currently, 63% of used tires end up in landfills, causing environmental problems because the decay time of rubber is hundreds of years and the average lifespan of a set of car tires is five years. among the options to solve the problem.

Scientists from MISiS, together with colleagues from other Russian universities, conducted an experiment on the pyrolysis process of used tires for passenger cars using a tubular reactor, a special furnace in which the raw material is treated with superheated steam at a temperature of 500 degrees. The liquid hydrocarbons produced have similar properties to fuel oil and are suitable for combustion in boiler plants as well as in Arctic ships due to their low pour points.

“The liquid fuel obtained as a result of such treatment of tires has a calorific value comparable to conventional fuel, does not freeze at temperatures up to -50 degrees, and the viscosity of this type of fuel turned out to be significantly lower than that of conventional fuel. The fuel synthesized by us is 50 percent than conventional fuel. It ignites faster and emits less carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide and nitrous oxide during combustion than conventional fuel.”

Scientists argue that standard steam boilers can be used to produce fuel using their method, which will reduce the cost of creating facilities for fuel production.

Source: Gazeta


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