Generalitat uncovers 23% more tax evasion in the heat of real estate ‘boom’ in Alicante

efforts generalitat for the fight financial fraud they achieved more than an outstanding result last year. Especially in Alicante increase in real estate activities has also increased. violation attempts by taxpayers identified by their officials Valencia Tax Office (ATV), subsidiary of the Ministry of Finance tasked with managing the own and transferred taxes owned by the regional Executive.

According to the balance provided by the ATV, the corpse, led by Sonia Díaz, 17,413 control, verification and investigation actions allowed in the province during 2022 Up to 42,911,682 Euros, 23% more More than the previous exercise. Moreover, this figure contrasts with the much more moderate increase of around 1%, where collections are growing to combat tax evasion. in the autonomy clusterwhich was added 96.2 million Euro, according to the same sources.

This increase in scams that surfaced in Alicante, Díaz said, house sale in the province Total revenue also increased by more than 30% in particular for the Real Estate Transfer Tax and Documented Legal Transaction Tax paid together with each of these transactions – exceeding EUR 1,138 million – of the regional Administration in the region.

Sonia Díaz, director of the Valencian Tax Office, in one act with Minister Arcadi Spain. Information

In this context, Díaz argues that both the fraudulent and undisclosed sales or transferson verification Requirements to apply discounted rates from these taxes that certain groups, such as young people, benefit. Likewise, the application of certain tax benefits was followed or, for example, sale of certain companies it actually covered up the sale of a property for tax purposes.

In this sense, the director of ATV remembers that this body takes it daily. Data on new deeds signed at notaries or sent to the land registryTherefore, it is getting harder and harder to hide information from the Administration. And an exchange of information that continues to strengthen, thanks to new technologies that allow for much faster data migrations.

The total amount collected within the scope of the fight against fraud in the province 21.7 million obtained with management actionsi.e. with comprehensive verifications of compliance with requirements, for example; Meanwhile others 19.3 million was the result of the inspection department. They were also counted 672 self-assessment dTaxpayers affected by ATV’s actions contributed another 1.8 million.


Although the biggest increase in Alicante was due to the increase in real estate activity, the biggest result of the fight against fraud at the regional level is, Inheritance tax and donations, that is, paid by inheritance, contributed to date 42.3 out of 96 million collected in this way. In this case, Generalitat is particularly cautious to verify that the requirements have been met. interruption of family businesses. In addition, both at the time of the change of ownership and for five years In order to benefit from the tax deduction, the heirs must remain in the management of the company.

On the other hand, control property transfers contributed 36.2 million euro at regional level, detection of violations wealth tax It added another 16.5 million euros. In this case, Generalitat awaits the most decisions 121 files open due to fictitious address changes Taxpayers registered in other autonomous regions or abroad in order not to pay this tax.

Finally, the fight against fraud game While contributing just over one million euros, irregularities surfaced environmental taxes He added a share of 61,102 euros.

More information available to the taxpayer

In addition to control actions, the Valencian Tax Office also wants to improve its collection by making it easier for taxpayers to voluntarily fulfill their obligations. One way is to increase the previous tax information available to citizens, as the State Tax Office does in the case of an income campaign. In the same sense, the autonomous agency will launch a pre-appointment service to receive telephone assistance in the management of ceded taxes, in the style of the ‘We call you’ scheme that the state counterpart provides during the income campaign.

Source: Informacion


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