“We live in a history book.” Medinsky urged to teach children patriotism

Vladimir Medinsky, President and vice-president of the Russian Military Historical Society (RVIO), recommended adopting the common practice of saying flags and other state symbols in American schools.

“In all public and private schools in the United States over the past 150 years, the school day begins with a short prayer for the glory, symbols, and flag of America, written by American public figures in the second half of the 19th century, unchanged since then,” he said. Medinsky at the meeting, the interdepartmental commission on history education, which he chaired (excerpt. TASS).

The politician explained that in some states, students “may not be able to say these words out loud” if they “conflict with their tolerance”, but that they must be present in the classroom during prayer.

Medinsky asked the commission members to apply to the Ministry of Education with an appropriate initiative and to implement a similar practice in educational institutions “right now, right now”. “Please try to implement this with the powers you have,” he insisted.

The proposal of Vladimir Putin’s assistant was unanimously supported. “We will sign the protocol and send it to the Minister of Education,” Medinsky said.

Most American schools and kindergartens hold a solemn ceremony each day to hoist the country and state flag. Singing the anthem is practical but not mandatory. In 1962, the US Supreme Court ruled that teachers cannot force students to pray in public schools. However, the practice of praying before class is still common in some educational institutions, especially in the south of the country. That is, 8% of those surveyed by the Pew Research Center declarationreported that the teacher held prayers together and that the same number of teachers read the Bible to them.

The course of the history of the XX century – in technical universities

In addition, in all technical universities and technical schools of Russia it is necessary to introduce a short course, which, according to the head of the RVIO, will replace the lecture “The history of everything from Adam” in the history of the 20th century. to the present” is now read there. “Bypassing Europe, they pass quickly in a year. Now let’s stop, let’s cancel all that and do a short course – a course in 20th century history. Simple and straightforward, from the revolution to the present,” Medinsky suggested.

Adding that they have already met with the Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov, he said, “It is better to know the latest date better than not to know today.”

Head of the Russian Academy of Education Olga Vasilieva approved the idea of ​​​​giving a separate course in Russian history at technical universities, but did not agree that it should be only the history of the 20th century.

“As a historian, I am absolutely against it – the 20th century cannot and cannot have a separate history. And it’s very difficult to explain to a student and a freshman why this happened in the 20th century. Therefore, you have to do it differently. It is necessary to teach the history of the Fatherland in all technical universities without exception, as Vasilyeva noted in her speech at the meeting of the commission.

in the textbook

Medinsky also called for the mobilization of “all possibilities in the field of history education”, because now “we live in a history textbook” and it is up to the Russians “in what language” the next chapter will be written.

“And if we continue to live with you in the old way, without mobilizing and rebuilding, then I think we will realize that we are living in the last part. It is also not a fact that this chapter will be written in Russian,” the politician said.

“Bring that to every teacher, cultural worker, every museum worker, filmmaker, director: everything, another time, another era,” Medinsky said. DEA News”.

movies instead of serials

The ex-minister of culture considers it necessary, among other things, to reduce the number of entertainment programs on television and replace them with “good Russian and Soviet cinema.”

“We have commission members – representatives of TV channels, I convey to you a call from the ground: colleagues, let’s still make less entertainment programs. It somehow looks pretty ridiculous in our time. We all try to pretend that everything is as before, but no, ”Medinsky tells the representatives of the commission.

“Even good foreign cinema without copyright – who needs these copyrights now? “People will be grateful to you,” he said.

As head of the Ministry of Culture (he held this post from 2012 to 2020 – ca. “socialbites.ca”), Medinsky regretted that he did not “ideologize” historical cinema and could not overcome the “humiliation” of historical cinema. Events. He stressed that for eight years as minister he was “pecked for being too ideological”.

“Now I regret not ideologizing. I didn’t finish when I had the opportunity, ”said the vice president. Medinsky concluded that those who use state money to make films that defame Russian history, including Victory Day, are “worse than traitors.”

Vice President Vladimir Medinsky said that American schoolchildren have prayed every morning for America’s glory, symbols and flag for 150 years, and that the Russian education system should introduce similar traditions. A relevant recommendation will be sent to Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov. Medinsky also called for a short course on 20th century history to replace the current “History of everything from Adam to the present” course in all Russian technical universities and technical schools. In addition, the former head of the Ministry of Culture expressed regret that he, as a minister, “inadequately ideologized” Russian historical cinema. About all the recommendations of Vladimir Medinsky at the meeting of the interdepartmental commission on historical education – in the material “socialbites.ca”.

Source: Gazeta


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