‘Basic Instinct’ scandal spreads to Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister, Boris JohnsonHe wrote to Labor Deputy Chair Angela Rayner to distance himself from misogynistic comments. He was allegedly accused by his Conservative colleagues of using sexual tactics to distract him in the House of Commons, The Telegraph reported Monday.

The ruling party newspaper explains that Johnson wrote to Rayner on Sunday to reassure him that these allegations, published the same day by the sensational The Mail on Sunday, were not made “in his own name.”

The head of government also condemned them on his Twitter account. “While I may disagree with Rayner on almost every political issue, I respect him as a parliamentarian and condemn misogyny. It was anonymously addressed to him,” the Tory leader said in a statement on Sunday.

alleged Attacks on Rayner, 42and how they are presented in the Mail focus on the political debate in the UK todaypunishments are pouring in here for the alleged perpetrators and journalist Glen Owen. He compared this to a famous scene from the movie ‘Basic Instinct’ (1992), starring Sharon Stone.

Owen writes in his article: Many Conservative MPs believe Labor politics has crossed legs at weekly government review sessions to “distract” Johnson.In the style of Stone’s apostille in the 1992 movie.

“He knows that Boris can’t compete with his debating training at Oxford, but has other abilities that he does not have“, declare the anonymous sources cited.

“Perverse Slander”

He admitted it himself when we had a few drinks on the terrace of the House of Commons.they add.

text says Clashes between Johnson and Rayner -which emerged when he replaced Labor Party leader Keir Starmer- “A summary of the parliamentary calendar”When comparing a “public school-educated MP” to Johnson, who was educated at an elite private school, Eton.

The journalist also describes her as “a grandmother who dropped out of school unskilled (in social work) to be a caregiver when she got pregnant at 16”.

In response to the article, Rayner denied “lies” posted about him on Sunday, accusing Johnson’s aides of “spreading perverse and desperate slanders to save their skin”.

“I was accused of conspiring to distract a defenseless Prime Minister: because I am a woman, I have legs and I wear clothes,” she said.

He assured him that “brutal” insults would not deter him from continuing in politics and argued that the Conservatives “have a problem with women” in positions of influence.

“I hope this experience does not deter a single person with a background like mine, from their desire to participate in public life. It breaks my heart,” she wrote on the social network.

This incident has caused many other British MPs to denounce that they are constantly subjected to misogynistic attacks and sexism, both in daily life and on social networks.

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