The ‘evil’ of a ‘First Date’ diner: “I enjoy doing this and throwing them away”

Marina showed herself as she was during her visit to the ‘First Encounters’ restaurant. This 26-year-old veterinary assistant from Cadiz came to the Cuatro program stating that he has a lot of hobbies: “I have 58,000 hobbies. For example, I love football. Anything doing what I love, I don’t have a fixed hobby. Adventure is essential.”

Marina knew that shortly after her arrival at the restaurants, she would meet Verdu, a 30-year-old store boy from Seville.As a good Andalusian I like to party, go out, be with my friends, have a beer… the joke we have”.

“Betis comes first, this is sacred. Anyone who wants me, be it a Sevilla player, can do it with my team.. I also like to play PlayStation with my friends,” Sevillian assured in one of the camera sums Carlos Sobera gave during his visit to the site he presented.

When they sat at the table reserved for them by the program, the truth is that they both had the opportunity to get to know each other a little better. In fact, Marina asked Verdu to say something “chunky” about herself and finally admitted what her main “flaw” was after rolling in the question: “Sort of, my feet always stink, something very chungu. For example, I’m getting a lot of slime (…) I enjoy making and throwing.”

After going through the reservation, the truth is that the good vibes they both had in ‘The Final Decision’ were transcendent as they both wanted to go on a second date outside of the ‘First Dates’ restaurant. “What happened to me was very good with him,” Verdu said.

Source: Informacion


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