They talked about a possible mission to Venus in China

China is considering adding a mission to Venus to its space program. About informs Huanqiu Shibao newspaper.

In 2020, China launched its first interplanetary mission, Tianwen-1. Meanwhile, the orbiter and Zhuzhong rover went to Mars.

Wu Weiren, chief designer of China’s lunar program, briefed the press on future space plans. According to him, missions 2, 3 and 4 will follow Tianwen-1. The word “Tianwen” means “questions to the sky”, and therefore missions with this name simply cannot fly to Mars.

“Further explorations of deep space will be long-term and sustained,” W. said. He also noted that we can talk about missions to asteroids and other planets of the solar system, including Venus. Talking about the long term, the engineer noted that China plans to discover a hundred celestial bodies in our system by 2049, the centennial of the founding of China.

Previously, it was known that there was a mission to search for life on Venus. will send American private company.

Source: Gazeta


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