Maduro strengthens alliance with evangelical movement in a critical political year

“Holy holy, you are mighty king“. The priest is swept up in his own praise. He is filled with emotion and asks the musicians accompanying him in front of the trumpet player to stand out.”Venezuelan loves you sir Everybody raise your hands,” he says, already healed. Nicolas Maduro, the country’s president, accepts the proposal. “Thank you for coming to celebrate with this. strong movement“, Pastor Enrique Villalba later tells him. “What a blessing it is to shake your hand.” Maduro approaches his and receives another certificate of gratitude. This is the nation”. The “blessing” will be the president himself, determined to strengthen his alliance with the United States in this critical year. evangelical churchesThree times more than during his reign, representing almost 20% of believers in the country Hugo Chavez.

What to do in 2024 presidential election. This opposition There is still no common agenda. This Negotiations in Mexico In the end, they will determine the strategy. Maduro does not want to waste time, and as part of this association with the religious, he announced during the Evangelical Pastor and Pastor Day celebrations established in stormy 2019 and Martin Luther Kingprogram My Well Equipped Church. The plan should benefit more than 2,500 temples.

“These encounters are very good for daily life, you don’t know how much pain, how much perversion, how much betrayal we must see. The greatness of man can only be achieved through Allah.” . The old distrust is gone. Madurismo sees the relationship with them as strategic. evangelical churches. pastor-businessman in 2018 election Xavier Bertucci objected to some of the voters. Since then, the state has not hesitated to build bridges, but also distribute bread and fish in established congregations low-income areas. It is created from bending Evangelical Christian Movement for Venezuela. Not all pastors are out there, but there are many.

on behalf of the father

Nicolás Maduro Guerra usually works on behalf of his father In front of the shepherds, the President’s son, the MP and flutist, is a regular guest at Evangelicals’ events and is the chairman of the National Religious Affairs Commission. United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). “Unified in faith and love for our country, let’s feed spirit and the hope of our people,” he said. Goals of the ruling party to approach that segment of believers. It is no accident that the son served as the master of ceremonies for celebrations in the capital.

“I am filled with your love, you are real church“He who stands with the people and loves to suffer,” said Maduro, in the middle of the last celebration. catholic diocese. Weeks ago, the new archbishop of Caracas, Victor Hugo Basabe expressed its solidarity with the mobilization of poor public workers and teachers. He also questioned the effectiveness of the actual dollarization of economic life. “let alone economic lie bubbles “Those who try to hide from the world the dangerous situation that many of our Venezuelan brothers are in,” he said. god given hairThe PSUV’s first vice president accused the Catholic hierarchy of “turning its back on the people”. It was “such attitudes” that drove thousands of Venezuelans to evangelical churches, according to government number two.

preacher mood

In his “true-false” duo, Maduro did not hesitate to turn to those whom he saw as the trustees of his sympathy. With the air of a preacher, he told them: “There is no other way than to spread spiritual values, love of God, love of homeland and family, and unite in values ​​such as. kind-hearted, believers and non-believers, and seeing with the eyes of truth, that is, seeing with the eyes of God, justice, understanding, deep reconciliation of everyone’s hearts, enough intrigues , campaigns of hatred. It is common solidarity that must be earned. Therefore, priests, priests, I admire you, you are going into town. Our Lord Jesus Christto bring the holy Gospel”. And for these voices to spread more intensely, the president, militarythe backbone of their governments, which guarantee pentecostal churches the ability to access and own indoor radio stations.

Maduro also announced Social Church Program “to support those who need it most”. At the same time, the cultural and spiritual movement will be launched. “Christian heart“As a nationwide meeting place. Captain and deputy Juan Escalona, ​​”man of Christ and singer,” by the presidential definition, will be one of those who voice it. Maduro urged Venezuelans to form in a consensus, to “constant bombardment” from a fragmented capitalist society “against “higher consciousness” drug consumption, the pornography, everything is bad and dirty.” The “message of light” seemed to reach the hearts of shepherds who were not afraid to raise their hands.

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