In “Land of the Leopard” they talked and showed what the Far Eastern jungle cats were up to at 07:57 in February.

A night camera trap in Primorye filmed the Far Eastern jungle cat in Leopard Country National Park. telegraph channel the protected area is divided by recruited personnel.

According to experts, although wild cats roam at night, unlike domestic cats, they do so quietly, without jumping at night.

But in March they will start making noise in the taiga because this month is the main period of estrus for these little predators.

The men will begin to scream dejectedly. And at the beginning of summer, kittens are born.

Previously, it was reported that “Land of the Leopard” staff were on duty due to the difficult snow situation. to feed deer.

Also the camera traps in Primorye was filmed A sleeping tiger in motion and a leopard admiring its tail.

Source: Gazeta


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