King of Cachopo appeals sentence to murder his partner in Constitutional Court

defense Caesar NovelKnown as the King of Cachopo, he appealed for protection. Constitutional Court (TC) due to the 15-year prison sentence given by the Supreme Court last December Murder of then-partner Heidi Paz in 2018.

In her appeal, Román denounces “fundamental rights violations” committed against her during the judicial process, which, according to her lawyer, Ana Isabel Peña, could help to declare the procedure null and void.

One of the arguments on which the appeal is based, duplication in the “flow” of the entire experimentSomething that, according to Peña, is “a public mockery” and allows witnesses to “balance the versions.”

Peña also published the Scientific Police report. DNA of the victim’s parts found “harmful” for an effective defence, because the Police “did not have the necessary accreditation, preparation or means” to carry out the comparison that led to the identification of the body of Heidi Paz, whose body was dismembered by Román.

Román and Paz met in April 2018 when the convicted man started working at the cider house he ran in Madrid, and a few days later an emotional relationship that causes them to live together.

In June, when the victim began to doubt the continuity of their relationship, she left him a note saying he was leaving the house, and then at dawn on August 5, he called her and went to the house they shared. Where allegedly killed and dismembered by Románwithout the victim’s head or limbs to date.

Román was arrested in Zaragoza in November, and last December, the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court issued a decision rejecting the convict’s appeal against the Madrid High Court of Justice’s decision upholding another crime of another Provincial Court. The crime of homicide on aggravating grounds such as kinship and sex.

In addition to 15 years’ imprisonment, the Chamber approved 15 years probation, as well as compensation of 142,229 euros to Heidi’s children and 100,000 euros to her mother.

Source: Informacion


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