Swiss media accuse the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church of spying on behalf of the KGB in the past.

Patriarch Kirill, its highest representative Russian Orthodox Church (IOR), espionage for Soviet secret services In the 70s, according to declassified information from the Swiss police. media of the Helvetic country Sonntagszeitung And Hold Le Matin Dimanche According to the data they could access, “Monsignor Kirill” mentioned in the document, famous KGB USSR.

At that time, Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev (his secular name at the time) represented the Orthodox Church in Geneva. World Council of Churches. In this organization Most Christian denominations Except for the Catholic Church and other minor confessions. Both newspapers draw attention to its existence. Mikhailov – codename – purpose of the council, this entity condemned The United States and its closest allies, in addition to gaining information undermine criticism of the absence of religious freedom in the Soviet Union. The Council reacted to the news, assuring it did not have this information, while the Orthodox Church declined to comment on the matter.

It was the nephew of the patriarch who spoke. Mikhail GundyaevRepresenting his belief in the same interdenominational existence as his uncle did in the last century. “Although he was a representative, he was not an agent. strict KGB controls”, he admitted to the Swiss media. He lived in Switzerland for many years and actually admitted that he was “strong”. feelings” towards the Helvetic country, one of the places he visited more often.

He rose in the religious hierarchy until 2009, years later, when he returned to Moscow. visible head under the name Kirill I. It bears the title Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. During his time leading the institution, this has been a pillar of the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which has ostensibly driven the country into extreme conservatism since coming to power. In the context of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the IOR unconditional support to the government On the Ukrainian front, it goes so far as to declare that all sins of those who die due to their duties will be forgiven. This statement was made when the partial mobilization took place at the end of September 2022, a period when many Russian Varin wanted to leave the country for fear of going to war.

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