Doctors develop a polymer to protect against peanut allergies 20:31

Scientists have created a remedy that could potentially protect against peanut allergies. In this respect informs University of Chicago.

Some previous research has shown that certain bacteria can protect against food allergies by preventing antigens from entering the bloodstream. Now, a research team at the University of Chicago has created a special polymer molecule to deliver an important metabolite produced by these bacteria directly into the gut, where it helps repair the gut lining and allows beneficial bacteria to thrive.

Studies show that these polymers, called micelles, can release the butyric acid they contain directly into the small and large intestines. It is butyric acid that helps prevent food allergies.

When applied to mice during the experiment, the micelles increased the number of butyric acid-producing bacteria. clostridiaprotected mice from an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts and reduced the severity of symptoms in a model of ulcerative colitis.

Micellar technology can be adapted to distribute other metabolites and molecules, making it suitable for the treatment of other allergies and inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases.

“We were delighted to see that our drug not only replenished butyric acid levels in the gut, but also helped increase the population of butyric acid-producing bacteria,” said study co-author Katherine Nagler. “With this, it will be possible to treat all non-communicable chronic diseases, not just food allergies and inflammatory bowel diseases.”

Previously in Canada created AI to predict success of breast cancer chemotherapy.

Source: Gazeta


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