The perfect walking route to disconnect from everything in Alicante

We are in February and although the weather is cold, the sun will be shining this weekend, so you want to go for a walk in the countryside and enjoy nature. If you like hiking and want to get away from it all this weekend, we will suggest a route you will love. about this Molins routeinside mariola banyeres. This trail can be walked any time of the year and this Saturday might be the perfect time to do it.

Ruta dels Molins, the most beautiful way to walk in autumn in the province of Alicante

This Molins route It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ways to travel in the province of Alicante in winter. In addition to its undoubted charm for lovers hikingthis tour takes us to three paper mills most emblematic of the region

This Banyeres hiking route is one of the most beautiful hiking routes you can take in the fall. Patricia Paramo

You can leave the car next to the road to start the route. Molí l’Ombria relaxation area where two different tracks start: Route dels Molins and the Route of Viewpoints.

Banyeres hiking route is one of the most beautiful routes of the province in autumn. Patricia Paramo

The first one runs alongside Vinalopó riverbed and it is also suitable for children as it is very easy to make. Also in the recreation area there is a playground for them and many picnic tables.

The route starts next to Molí l’Ombria and following the flow of the river Moli del Sol, where cigarette paper was once made. In the end, the road will lead you to the end. MollyPont. There are plenty of examples along the way. willows, poplars and poplars It’s painted in shades of brown as its leaves line the roads, showing their most romantic side at this time of year.

The trail runs along the Vinalopó River. Patricia Paramo

Other things to do in Banyeres de Mariola

Take advantage of your visit to Ruta dels Molins and discover the city’s many attractions at the same time. mariola banyeres, The highest municipality in the inner parts of the province. This town has a rich cultural and gastronomic heritage.

View of Banyeres de Mariola castle. INFORMATION

Banyeres has several museums. Two of them, Valencia Paper Museum and Espardenia Museumis directly related to the industrial tradition of the municipality and is located in Villa Rosario Park. There, next to the tourist office, also Pharmacy Museum. Finally, it is also worth visiting the Archaeological Museum located in the area. Medieval tower of Font Bona.

Banyeres de Mariola Castle

Another great option walking the steep streets and climb to Santo Cristo castle or hermitage, the highest points in the municipality, where you will enjoy impressive views.

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